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4. Financial Praise Report: I write to share a testimony from the Brother who was prompted to sow a seed of R100 when you ministered at Valour 2006 during the evening session. He was believing God to begin this year debt free and have his business start on a clean slate in 2007. Today he drove to church and testified that the Lord has undertaken for him as you testified of getting a loan from the bank to buy a house, doing it up and then selling it at a profit.

He also borrowed money from the bank using his Benz as collateral, and God enabled him to get an excellent bargain on a vehicle worth $18,000 which he bought for $6500 together with two other vans, which he already has offers on, when he disposes of the vehicle next week, he would be able not only to clear his debts but also have extra to pump into his business. He requested me to share this wonderful testimony with you and thank God for your ministry.
Shalom, Bishop Blessingtone Malenga