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Praise Report – I should have been dead

I should have been dead

One morning in 2003 as Mike McClure awoke a thought came into his head that he was a widower. Immediately he prayed for his wife Pat that God would protect her this day and that no harm would come to her. He then started the day believing with the authority that God has given us as His children that nothing would happen. Later that day Pat was involved in a head on collision where the drivers side of the car, where she had been sitting was hit head on. A car driving at tremendous speeds down a busy road crashed right into her door.

When the ambulance and police arrived, Pat was found to be sitting in the passenger seat, dazed and not remembering anything. With no broken bones, everything in place, Pat got out of that car and regained her memory. The car was a total right off, and all who saw it and the doctors could not believe she was still alive and in such good condition.

We give Jesus Christ all the glory for his protection this day. Thank you Jesus.

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