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Praise Report – Miracle Sales

Miracle Sales

15 years ago, Pat entered into the Real Estate market where she was continually reminded by her husband and the preached word that God would cause her to be one of the best Estate Agents in South Africa. Learning how to overcome negativity, to hold onto God’s word, she persevered and was nominated this June 2005 as a finalist within two categories for Moving and Shaking the Real Estate Industry in South Africa.

Pat has seen miracle sales in her life with 26 houses sold in one month and the leader in her area. Pat and her husband agree together in prayer that houses are sold, and offers are accepted, and it happens. Many times the Holy Spirit tells Pat to knock on peoples doors, where just moments ago they said to one another we should put our house on the market to sell, and then Pat knocks on the door and gets the Sole Mandate (exclusive right) to sell their house.

Pat gives God, Jesus Christ all the glory for in her weakness He is made strong. It is not for her own abilities but the favour and grace that God has bestowed upon her.

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