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Praise Report – How God saved me at gun point

How God saved me at gun point

In 2004 around 7pm, Pat was driving her car home, when she stopped to fix one of her FOR SALE boards outside her clients’ home. As she opened her car to get in, she was faced with three men and their guns. It happened so quickly that she was not able to even close her door. With the gun to her head they demanded she get out and give them the keys. Asking her three times they started to hit her with the butt of the gun, and Pat knew it was just a matter of time before she lost consciousness. She had to act now.

She immediately shouted “The blood of Jesus Christ is against you". The man with the gun to her head was thrown backwards; a bullet went off and shot from the inside through the windscreen. On hearing the shouting Pat’s client ran outside and also just missed a bullet, and his partner ran inside to call the police. In the meantime Pat was standing up, as the three men were running away yelling “The Blood of Jesus Christ is against you" As they were tripping over their feet, they ran. The police arrived, took Pat to the hospital where she had part of her head shaved and stitches in her head.

After this experience Pat said her faith in Jesus Christ and the Blood that was shed on Calvary has become even stronger. Pat realizes it was not smart to have been outside fixing her board at night time, in a country where crime is rampant. But she gives God all the thanks for helping her in a time of need. She does not live by fear, but by faith in Jesus Christ and His Blood.

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